a simple card game to stimulate your thinking

Pan is a simple and enjoyable card game. You can choose up to 3 opponents and try to get rid of your cards before they do.

The Nine Heart is always first and if you have a card of the same rank or higher you can put it on the top. Otherwise it is the time for taking from the table. Can you handle it? 😉

To manage the game just simply touch the cards and drag them over. Sliding left and right allows you to select more cards at once.

Main features:

  • local multiplayer up to 4 players
  • user friendly design and navigation
  • simple and enjoyable card game
  • portrait & landscape supported
  • reasonably smart AI
  • addictive time consumer
  • customizable number of opponents & game difficulty


Let me know about your opinion and good luck with the game!

Game Rules

Pan is a card game for 2 to 4 players.

The goal is to get rid of all cards as soon as possible. The game ends when there is only one player left – this player gains a negative point. The match is over when one of the players earns 3 negative points (one for each letter of the game name “PAN”).

Player with the smallest number of negative points wins – it can be more than one winner of the match.

The Suits of the cards are ignored (apart from the game beginning) and the Ranks determine the strength of the card which is in the following order (from the weakest): Nine, Ten, Jack, Queen, King & Ace.

The game starts a player who holds a card Nine Heart by placing it in the middle of the table (creates a pile). This card cannot be taken and remains there for the whole time of the game play.

Players do their moves in turns (which go clockwise) by putting card or cards on the pile or taking card or cards from the pile.

Only 1 or 4 cards (of the same Rank) can be placed per user turn. The exception is for Nines – if player holds three Nines but none of them is Nine Heart than they can be placed together if the move is valid. The card to be placed on the table must be at the same or higher Rank as the top one of the pile.

Cards can be taken from the pile if there is at least one card over the Nine Heart. Player is obliged to take 3 cards if no other move is possible or if player wants to. If there are less than 3 cards available the remaining ones should be taken (2 or 1) – Nine Heart has to stay on the table.

Sometimes you can spot that if remaining players are computer only the game stops even it is not finished properly. This happens when the sequence of moves is repeated and prevents game from endless loop.

An interesting variant of this game is something called “Reversing Spades”. If there is any card with Spade suit on the top of the table – put directly or revealed by taking the last three cards – then the turn goes to the previous player (not the next one). If there are only 2 players in the game the move gets back to the same player again.

Enjoy the game!